Believe it or not, there’s a gay little hierarchy pyramid of levels of argument/disagreement.

This is important so look at it with your faceholes:
Hierarchy of Arguments

In a nutshell, the pyramid above works like this:

  • You can communicate effectively with people on the same level
  • People at a level or more below a particular argument level will not understand it
  • People who are at a level or more above a particular argument level will be able to stoop to the lower level, but should not expect the same of the lower

Ideally we could all look at the argument pyramid at the top and expect to communicate as such, but sadly everyone’s minds these days are fucked up and shit. They will stoop to dirty tactics when trying to push their propaganda, and if you can identify where these tactics lie, you can use these same tactics against them, albeit with more strategy and discretion.

For example, imagine some little faggot is arguing at DH3. This is the point of no return, basically, if their argument rhetoric descends below DH3, you cannot expect them to respond to a DH4 or above. Instead, resort to spamming them with dickgirls, scat fetish porn, etc. as this is all that they will respond to — rational argument is gone. If both of you reach level DH0, you will waste your time arguing with them since there is no exchange of ideas at that level.

Let’s say someone is at a level above DH3 where they have enough brainpower to say more than “I disagree”. They often will hold onto their level, so you could use a sockpuppet and shit on their thread at a level DH3 or below using an argument contrary to the person, but also contrary what you actually wish to argue. Then you come in and slay the sockpuppet with your flawless reasoning, instantly establishing yourself some influence cred. This person will be open to influence and reason, so you can now safely present your argument after having shut up a little bitch with your mega troll intelligence.

There will be more to come that builds upon this new and interesting concept.


  1. nigelbiggame says:

    It’s too bad wordpress hates me and marks my comments as spam.

  2. Whoa man, you’re driving people nuts. Humans need to worth together and prepare for the arrival of the Annunaki, and live in peace. This trolling stuff won’t help anyone.

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